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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Bugs in the Task Builder…

If you discover any bugs with the task builder please respond to this post so we can look into and fix any problems.  I found one the other day.  I found that I was unable to add text… Continue reading

Problem Based Learning – publications

I recently ran across the Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-based Learning and found a plethora of articles that I downloaded for reading.  One – for those of you wanting a nice intro to PBL: Overview of Problem-based Learning: Definitions and… Continue reading

The Great Teacher Within

Hawai'i National Great Teachers Seminar I just got back from the Hawai’i National Great Teachers Seminar at Kilauea Military Center in the Volcanoes National Park filled with new ideas on how to improve my teaching and our workshops. The community of 58 extraordinary educators who took time from their busy lives to spend a week on a volcano together generously shared ideas, discussed problems, debated solutions, told stories, and built our own content within David Gottschall’s minimal rigid structure that was problem-based without being named PBL. Our challenge was Continue reading

Synergy of Joining Multiple Projects

Combining the work of ATE’s Destination: Problem-Based Learning, ATE’s Plan Bioscience Technology program, and a Carl Perkin’s grant on Problem-Based Learning, faculty developed relevant coursework for transforming agriculture education in Hawaii. Traci Sylva,assistant researcher at the University of Hawaii… Continue reading