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Blended/Distance Learning Birds of a Feather @ ATE PI Conference

What: Birds of a Feather Session
When: Thursday, October 25; 2:30 – 3:45 p.m. and 4:00 – 5:15 p.m.
Title: Blended/Distance Learning
Follow-up Breakfast Round Table: Friday, October 26, 7:45-8:45 am Ambassador Room,Table 15; Hot Topics in Blended and Distance Learning

Moderators: DPBL Co-PIs Leanne Chun, Leeward Community College, Pearl City HI, and Joyce LaTulippe, Boston MA

Purpose – provide an environment for colleagues with similar interests to meet for informal discussion

In this Birds of a Feather session, ATE conference participants will discuss key issues in blended/distance learning in higher education.

Session questions include:

1. How can we leverage online learning programs to increase the nation’s education level?
2. What is the greatest stigma around online degrees, and how can we combat it?
3. How do you create a community when faculty are geographically distant? ie the “hallway effect” What are the effects on the institution and community without the “hallway effect”?
4. How do you create an authentic online experience for students which build skills they need to participate in the global workforce?
5. How do you create student-centered, constructivist, authentic learning environment in an online/hybrid course?
6. How are institutions supporting professional development of online instructors?
7. How do you measure student performances and demonstration of 21st Century Skills online?
8. How do you get students engaged and maintain that engagement and retention in blended and online courses?

Facilitators will identify the “hot topics” which arise in this Birds of a Feather session. These topics will be further discussed in the following morning’s Breakfast Roundtable at Table 15, Ambassador Room, 7:45 am – 8:45 am on “Hot Topics in Blended and Distance Learning”

1. Going the Distance: Online Education in the United States, 2011 (http://www.onlinelearningsurvey.com/reports/goingthedistance.pdf)
2. 2011 Distance Education Survey Results: Trends in eLearning: Tracking the Impact of eLearning at Community Colleges (http://www.onlinelearningsurvey.com/reports/goingthedistance.pdf)
3. Quality Matters Rubric (http://www.qmprogram.org/rubric)
4. Universal Design for Learning (http://www.udlcenter.org/)
5. The Future of Higher Education (http://pewinternet.org/~/media//Files/Reports/2012/PIP_Future_of_Higher_Ed.pdf)
6. Developing an e-Toolbox to Facilitate Universal Design for Instruction into Online and Blended Learning (http://www.educause.edu/ero/article/developing-e-toolbox-facilitate-universal-design-instruction-online-and-blended-learning)

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