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Learn PBL

Inspiring students to risk, to create, and to explore

terrific-flying-birds-tattoo-designRed Burns‘s introduction to her Applications class at NYU’s ITP program should be in your PBL Tool Box to be taken out and shared with students as they embark on challenging PBL tasks:

What I want you to know:
That there is a difference between the mundane and the inspired.
That the biggest danger is not ignorance, but the illusion of knowledge
That any human organization must inevitably juggle internal contradictions – the imperatives of efficiency and the countervailing human trade-offs
That the inherent preferences in organizations are efficiency, clarity, certainty, and perfection.
That human beings are ambiguous, uncertain, and imperfect.
That how you balance and integrate these contradictory characteristics is difficult
That imagination, not calculation, is the “difference” that makes the difference
That there is constant juggling between the inherent contradictions of a management imperative of efficiency and the human reality of ambiguity and uncertainty
That you are a new kind of professional – comfortable with analytical and creative modes of learning Continue reading

FLATE Focus Features DPBL Project

FLATE CenterThis month’s FLATE (Florida Advanced Technological Education Center) Focus newsletter features an interview with Jane Ostrander, PI of DPBL, about problem-based learning and the project’s plans. Read Nevada-based NSF Project Focuses on Cultivating Problem Based Learning at http://flate-mif.blogspot.com/

The… Continue reading

“How to PBL” in SF June 17th at MPICT

Golden Gate Bridge

What? Teach Your Students to Think for Themselves with PBL
Where? Faculty Development Week event at the Mission Campus of CCSF in San Francisco, CA
When? June 17-21, 2013
Register? MidPacific ICT Center website: http://www.mpict.org


A Conversation about PBL

SF Bay Bridge at nightJames Jones, Executive Director of the  MPICT Center at City College of San Francisco recently interviewed Jane Ostrander, PI, Destination: Problem-Based Learning project at MPICT’s Winter Conference in San Francisco.   To learn more about what PBL is… Continue reading

Teach Your Students to Think for Themselves …

Interested in creating problem-based learning scenarios for your course?

Join us at this summer’s Faculty Development Week event at the Mission Campus of CCSF in San Francisco, CA, June 17-21, 2013 for the PBL workshop Teach Your Students to Think… Continue reading