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The New Yorker Magazine (30 Jan 2012) has an article about groups of people working on projects. The brainstorming mythThe research shows that brainstorming isn’t as effective as people working alone, but interdisciplinary groups of people who share ideas and criticize each other works the best of all. “Criticism allows people to dig below the surface of the imagination and come up with collective ideas that aren’t predictable.”

Physical proximity of group members also results in higher quality results. See the full article here: http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2012/01/30/120130fa_fact_lehrer?currentPage=all

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One Response to Groupthink

  • Jane Ostrander says:

    Very interesting — aligns with what we have been observing: That some chaos and conflict are needed to brew innovation. The info on Building 20 makes me think we all need to spend more time wandering about campus. The Engineering Department at University of Coventry is building a new building that allows space to be reorganized to meet the needs of the faculty, students, or other participants in their PBL-based engineering curriculum.