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Industry Advisors

Authenticity is a key requirement for a scenario-based task. The challenges offered to students must be real-world — something they would be asked to do if they had been hired for their target job. The details and supporting documents must ring true in order to generate student involvement and provide useful work experiences.

Our Industry Advisory Panel convenes to assure continued authenticity of our scenarios, tasks, classroom techniques, and course material. For our latest project, we have an Ad Hoc Advisory Panel that consists of industry professionals and researchers who serve as judges for student presentations, subject matter experts for faculty and researchers, reviewers on assessments and tasks, advisors for faculty needing additional skills, and in myriad other ways that add to the quality and authenticity of the scenario-based experience for our students and faculty.

We thank our panel participants for generously sharing their time, ideas, knowledge and experience with our faculty and staff.

Ad Hoc Panel Members (partial list)

Alex Russell, President, Dojo Foundation & Director of R&D, SitePen
Art Fortgang, research contractor/part-time robotics instructor, SRI International
David LaPlante, Twelve Horses
David Schnepper, Technical Yahoo
Erik Aker, Certified IT Specialist, IBM
Frank Flynn, Operations Manager, Spock.com
James Jones, Exec Director, M-PICT Center
Jasmine Lopez, Developer, consulting around Ajax programming content
Jessie McCaskill, The Shade Tree Shelter
John Thomas, Software Test Engineer, Google
Keith Dart, QA Engineer, Google
Kenny Spade, Academic Developer Evangelist, Microsoft
Nathan Dwyer ,Developer, consulting around Ajax programming content
Phillipe Alexis, nodiamonds webservices
Ruchi Bhanot, Researcher, assessment development and testing
Wesley Chun Senior Engineer, NearbyNow
Paul Bragiel, CEO at Lefora
Sandra Porter, GeoSpiza
Rao Akella Sr., Software Engineer at BEA Systems
David Korn, Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft
Christopher Balz, E*Trade Financial
Scott Thomas, MGM Mirage Contract Information Security Analyst (Link Technologies)
Dr. Chad D. Mano, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, Utah State University
Dr. Rob Erbacher, Sc.D., Dept. of Computer Science, Utah State University
Miles Johnson, IT Security Analyst, Utah State University
Mike Yaffe, Core Security Technologies Jim Purcell , SANS Trainer

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