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Beautiful Kitchen Backsplash How to Install

Beautiful Kitchen Backsplash How to Install

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The granite tile makes a beautiful kitchen backsplash. You can get granite in various colors, and the tiles are available in various sizes. But how do you choose the best quality granite for your backsplash or your desk, and once installed, how do you keep it as good as possible? You should ask your supplier some questions to choose a quality granite tile for your kitchen backsplash. How was the granite dug up? Because the material is hard, excavation granite can be an expensive and time-consuming process. Using explosives makes the job easier, but the force of the explosion can create small fault lines throughout the granite.

It’s often too small to be seen with the naked eye, but it can widen and cause problems as time passes. What solvent is used to cut the stone? Kerosene and other petroleum-based byproducts are sometimes added to the coolant used when rocks are cut and shaped to make the work run a little faster and reduce processing costs. After that, the stone was washed to remove the chemical odor. It looks the same as a piece of stone with only water as a cooler when viewed in the showroom, but not used as well. When petroleum products come into contact with the iron content of stones, rust begins to form. The sign will appear sooner or later, often in a year. How many variations are there in each tile dimension? They must meet ASTM standards.

All tiles must have uniform thickness, and the manufacturer should calibrate carefully. Each tile should have the right corner of the square. Side should be a little tidied up. If tiles are formed to standards, they will be easier to install, and the kitchen backsplash will be satisfactory. Are the tiles sealed? Granite tiles are usually shipped without sealing, so homeowners can use their preferred sealant. If your tiles are sealed in advance, you need to know what type of sealer to use. Who is responsible for replacing the tile if something is broken during shipping? Although granite is a very hard rock, granite tiles are somewhat fragile. Tiles are usually shipped in styrofoam boxes placed inside wooden crates, with 5 to 10 tiles in each box.

kitchen backsplash DIY tutorial
kitchen backsplash DIY tutorial

Some companies place a thin foam sheet between each tile, which is always a great idea. Knowing the answers to these questions will help you choose the highest quality for your backsplash. You’ll find granite backsplash tile tiles that are easy to maintain. Everyday, the best method is to wipe the surface with a soft cloth dampened with soapy water. You may want to brighten up the tile by polishing it occasionally or using cleaning and rejuvenating products designed for granite surfaces. Since granite is a porous material, it will be tarnished. It is important to immediately clean up any spills. Paper towel will remove the spill quickly.

Avoid wiping; it will just spread the spill! Once the spill is opened, use a soft cloth to dry the area completely. Organic granules, caused by coffee, tea, or food, are the most common types. The red wine was the worst! Biological stains such as fungi or fungi are also common. If your granite tile is stained, proceed with caution. Ask your supplier about the suggested cleaners when you buy tile. Liquid cleansers are usually not very effective. The powder is designed to reabsorb the stain from the stone surface, and is often the best option. Be sure to follow directions carefully. Never use lime and scales remover on granite. They are strong acid cleansers and they will etch the rocks. Granite tiles are usually sealed to reduce stains. Sealers can be water-based or solvent, but most professionals consider solvent-based sealers do a better job. The sealer works by penetrating the rock surface and creating an invisible barrier. Sealer is easy to apply and usually dries about an hour. The surface of the stone should be re-sealed periodically. Generally, kitchen tables and backsplash need to be replaced every 6 to 12 months, depending on how much use they get.

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