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Scenarios in Process

Scenarios in process or otherwise incomplete.

These scenarios were created in our workshops and are in various stages of completion. If you have a scenario on this list that is now completed, online, and available to others, please complete our [Scenario Submission Form] to submit your scenario for inclusion in our library of completed scenarios.

TitleTasks & DescriptionAuthor(s)Category

Tech Casting LLC

In process at Roots and Wings 2013;Tech Casting LLC is a proactive consulting firm that works directly with industry to evaluate weaknesses in their technical hazard preparedness. Steve KnottsManufacturing Tech?

Prominent Architect, Artist & Writer in New Bedford

In process at Roots and Wings 2013: Whaling City Times newspaper is seeking articles that profile prominent community members, both current and historical. As freelance writers, you will identify either an architect or artist, and a literary figure that has highlighted the city of New Bedford, Massachusetts in his/her body of work.Martha Ucci and Anthony Ucci Engineering and English

International Health Organization (IHO)

In process at Roots and Wings 2013Anna Vega and colleagues at Wayne CCmultiple domains

Walls, Watkins, & Heath Sustainability Consultants

In process at Roots and Wings 2013Angela Walls, Leah Watkins, Julie Heathmultiple domains

Resumes for Technicians

In process at Roots and Wings 2013Mark Technical Writing

Argument Construction and Persuasion

ScenarioTeaching Guide 
2: A start up company formed by three partner entrepreneurs.OBiondiTMCC, TMCC FastTrackLanguage: Speech Communications

Auto Safety Systems

Scenario Teaching Guide 
7: This senerio if to help student learners realize the real world application of Newton's Laws of Motion.…Mistletan@yahoo.com, Roots and Wings 2011Physical Sciences: Physics

Build a PBL Community

Scenario | Teaching Guide 
4: Participants in this scenario already know how to create scenarios themselves and want to teach others how to do it.Elaine Haight, DPBL Project, Foothill CollegeProfessional Development

Building a Bridge

Scenario | Teaching Guide 
1: State of SC is building a bridge...

Math and Computer Science: Math

Business Writing Test

Scenario | Teaching Guide 
2: The fictional company is a marketing consultancy that specializes in qualitative primary research and secondary research. It has developed an expansive internship program designed specifically for community college students. Its dual purpose is to 1) increase business for itself and for its clients, and 2) contributing to the improvement of business education in Hawaii.Lance Uyeda, PRLS 2011, Leeward CCLanguage: English

Career Coaching

Scenario | Teaching Guide 
1: This is a small business run by two women entrepreneurs designed to assist students in fulfilling their potential to achieve their life goals.Eldis Escheneau, PRLS 2011Language: English

C-Bay Properties: Enterprise Security Group

Scenario | Teaching Guide
2: [in process of moving the scenario from our old site to learnpbl.com]Jane Ostrander, DPBL ProjectMath and Computer Science: Networking


Scenario | Teaching Guide 
1: Blow Hard Wind Farm is a subsidiary of the local utility company, who has been looking to provide green technology. They currently operate 20 wind turbines just outside the city limits, and would like to expand this by 20 more. They have a manager, an office worker and 4 technicians. They hire 2-3 interns per year from the local community college. The company is a utility that provides electricity to the county. Their mission is to be a local leader in providing local renewable power solutions. This company was formed as a subsidiary of the parent utility company 10 years ago, and is looking to expand. banana team, Roots & Wings 2011Vocations: Engineering Technology

CRJ 101 - Police Manpower Task Force

Scenario | Teaching Guide 
0: Municipal police departmentPBLmentzer, TMCC FastTrackBusiness and Law: Criminal Justice

CRJ 102 - Prison Overcrowding Task Force

Scenario | Teaching Guide 
1: State level Task Force developing the response to a court order to massively decrease the inmate population of the state prison. PBLmentzer, TMCC FastTrackBusiness and Law: Criminal Justice


Scenario | Teaching Guide
2: MMI business solutions is a company specializing in making recommendations to wholesalers and retailers on price setting relative to market conditions in their area. The company is currently small, but has tremendous upside potential. The company currently has few full-time employees, so contracts with consultants to make its recommendations.Bill Gallegos, TMCC FastTrackMath and Computer Science: Math


Scenario | Teaching Guide 
1: The deliverable is to produce a profile of an important community member, someone who has done significant work in the community in social, politics or political advocacy, law or law enforcement, or business. Team tasks may be divided into interview, background investigation, article composition, and revision-editing/copyediting. An actual interview with a real community leader is required.bradsummerhill, TMCC FastTrackLanguage: English

English 102

Scenario | Teaching Guide 
2: College reading students are interns in a curriculum design company that has as its mission the selection of reading strategies, materials, and activities that support the development of college-level reading.Lani Uyeno, Spring 2011Language Arts: Reading

Kokua Shopping Associates

Scenario | Teaching Guide 
3: The Kokua Shopping Associates provides mystery shopping services to clients who wish to critique and improve their level of customer service. This is a small company that hires part-time college students and full-time staff members.Cindy Martin, PRLS 2011Business and Law: Business Management


Scenario | Teaching Guide 
3: Lifestyle, a communication consulting firm, helps clients to focus on clear communication within their organization. Various topics that Lifetsyle can assist with include positive work environments, effective communication, improving listening/feedback, and improving interpersonal relationships.Christy Takamure, PRLS 2011Language: English

Marketing 210 - XM Satellite Marketing Plan

Scenario | Teaching Guide 
11: XM Satellite is a real company and this is based upon a real situation.Truckee Meadows Community College School of Business and Entrepreneurship, TMCC FastTrackBusiness and Law: Business Management

Microbial Disease

Scenario | Teaching Guide 
0: This scenario puts the student in the role of a nw member of the communications office in the State of Hawaii, Department of Health. [replaced by Disease scenario]Helmut Kae, PBL HawaiiLife Sciences: Biology

Persuasion and Argumentation

Scenario | Teaching Guide 
2: These students are working as small teams of entrepreneurs. They are a young start up company and need to make a successful sale of this product (without resorting to reasoning fallacies), before they can expand or sell their business. Everything is riding on the success of this product and their attached persuasive appeals.Olivia Biondi, TMCC FastTrackLanguage: Speech Communications

Post World Scenario

Scenario | Teaching Guide
R. Oshita, PBL Hawaii 2011Arts: Film and TV

Advanced Energy Systems

Scenario | Teaching Guide
13: Programming I C++Fredrickson, TMCCMath and Computer Science: Software Development


Scenario | Teaching Guide 
2: CARobotics, Inc. They are systems integrators for a company that manufactures industrial robots for specific applications. The company employs 150 people and markets products throughout North and South America.CA Edwards, Roots & Wings 2011Engineering Technology

Search and Rescue

Scenario | Teaching Guide 
0: Small game company creating games for adolescence that will that will promote science,technology, engineering and math (STEM). Our mission is to hire your students to develop the instructions necessary to build a rocket launcher (trebuchet) and a small scale Hovercraft to recover the launched units.Team Orange, Roots & Wings 2011Engineering Technology

Teaching with SBL

Scenario | Teaching Guide 
0: overviewJane Ostrander, DPBL ProjectEducation

The Function Experience

Scenario | Teaching Guide 
0: The students will be immersed in an environment in which they will have to consider the relationships between variables in the context of resourse allocation. Function behavior will be explored using real-world data, with modeling and testing expectations of students. Technology will be used as appropriate with challenging problems intended to develop a broad based view of functions and how they appear and may be exployed in a realistic business situation.">The students will be immersed in an environment in which they will have to consider the relationship…bgallegos.tmcc, TMCC FastTrackMath and Computer Science: Math

The Pearl

Scenario | Teaching Guide 
0: The restaurant serves lunch and dinner and employs approximately 60 people.tlbenave@hawaii.edu, PBL Hawaii 2011Arts: Culinary Arts

Use it Up! Use it Over!

Scenario | Teaching Guide 
1: The fictional company is a pickle manufacturing facility employing approximately 600-700 employees and doing $300 million in revenues per year. They distribute to all 48 mainland states and are the largest privately held pickle packing firm in the United States.Angela Wall, Roots & Wings 2011Physical Sciences: Earth Science

Cardiac Care Clinic

Cardiac Care Clinic Scenario
We are very excited to have reached a funding level that allows us to hire a team of medical assistants. In your first months here, you will learn about the cardiovascular system, research relevant cardiovascular diseases, take vital signs and interpret data, create and deliver presentations as case studies for patientsNan Ketpura-Ching
PRLS 2012

PBL Fa'amaile

PBL Fa'amaile Scenario
Welcome to IMUA (Inspiring Mutual and Universal Activism).
From a highly competitve group of applicants, IMUA's recruiting committee identified you as the most well-suited candidates for the consultant position.
Sania Ickes
PRLS 2012

Healthy Living Leeward

Healthy Living Leeward Scenario
We are very excited to include interns in our team, which works to better the health and well-being of the Leeward community. Brandi Reyes
PRLS 2012

Sustentabilidad Alimenticia En Hawai'i Y Mas Alla

Sustentabilidad Alimenticia En Hawai'i Y Mas Alla Scenario
Welcome to Sustentabilidad Alimenticia En Hawai'i Y Más Allá. I would like to personally welcome you to the company.

We are very excited to have reached a funding level that allows us to hire a team of new tour project managers.
Tara Muramoto
PRLS 2012
Spanish (Intermediate)

Labor Fest Hawai'i

Labor Fest Hawai'i Scenario
We are very excited introduce Labor Fest to Hawaii. Labor Fests have sprung up in many U.S. cities in recent years, with one of the largest being the month long Bay Area wide San Francisco Labor Fest. The event can include walking tours of historic labor sites, film showings, discussion panels, author presentations, and more, depending on how creative we can be!David Carr
PRLS 2012
American History


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