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International First Year Experience Conference Presentation on Teamwork

Lani Uyeno and Leanne Riseley of Leeward Community College, Pearl City, Hawaii will be presenting on the use of teamwork for 21st Century learning at the International First Year Experience in Waikoloa, Hawaii in June 2013. The Problem-Based Learning (PBL)… Continue reading

Combining Problem-Based Learning with Accelerated Learning Program for Pre-College Writers

Susan Waldman of Leeward Community College, Pearl City, Hawaii, will be presenting the use of PBL with pre-college writers at the Fifth Annual Conference on Acceleration at the Community College of Baltimore County, Maryland, in June 2013.  Combining… Continue reading

Conference for Computer Science Educators

SIGCSE 2013I wanted to share with you some things I learned at ACM’s SIGCSE conference. I have never been to this conference before – nor any conference for Computer Science Education. (I have attended many teachers’ conferences, and many computer science conferences, but never a computer science teachers’ conference!) 1300 people attended, from all over the world, even though ACM is an American organization. Most attendees teach at Universities, though there were also some from industry. I didn’t meet anyone who also teaches at a community college.

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2013 PASSHE Virtual Conference

Lani Uyeno and Leanne Chun Riseley will be presenting at the Transforming the Teaching & Learning Environment: the 2013 PASSHE Virtual Conference on Tuesday, February 12, 2013 at 7PM EST. Our session is on Using Teamwork in an Online Class: Five Successful Strategies. The presentation will highlight an online introductory computer science course’s use of teamwork with video highlights from other online STEM courses.

Context & Problem:  Employers are looking for college graduates who demonstrate teamwork and collaboration skills, but how do we help students develop these skills in online courses? One approach is to include teamwork as a requirement in an online course. But how does Continue reading