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Ready to add Problem-Based Learning (PBL) to your teaching and learning? Then…

  1. Select a scenario and link your classroom materials directly to it,
  2. create a new scenario and tasks based on an existing one, or
  3. create new scenarios and tasks.

Select an existing task or scenario to use in your class:

a) Explore our Library of Completed Scenarios and Tasks at  Scenarios  -> Completed and Pending.

b) Once you have discovered the scenario that fits in with your student learning outcomes, copy and paste the scenario’s URL into your class website, scenario, or course management tool.

Create a new scenario and tasks based on an existing one or create new scenarios and tasks:

b) Attend a Workshop on developing scenarios or

c) work through the PBL Task Force Scenario at https://sites.google.com/site/transformpbl2012/home

In Task 2 Resources: you will:

  1. Set up a Gmail account for yourself (if necessary): CreateGmailAccount
  2. Create a Google site for your scenario: CreateAsite
  3. Review what the PBLgeneric Template gives you: PBLgenericTemplateOverview
  4. Share your site with DPBL and your peers: ShareYourSite
  5. Edit an existing page in your site: EditExistingPage
  6. Add/delete pages in your site: Adding_DeletingApage

Creating PBL Template in Google Sites, Education Edition

If you are in a Google Enterprise environment, you may have problems using our template. Leanne Chun and Lani Uyano from Leeward Community College created this alternative for Google Enterprise clients.


As an educational institution using Google Apps, Education Edition, you can use your domain user ID for accessing the Google Apps. Sites are one of the tools in the Google Apps suite. Other tools may be limited by your IT Administrator.

Regular Google Sites requires a Google account.

Google Sites, Education and regular Google Sites are in two separate walled-off areas and cannot be copied from one to the other.


Create a Problem-Based Learning Scenario template within your Google Apps, Education domain. Once created, this site can be shared with anyone in your Education domain. That way, faculty can copy the PBL template and modify it for their own scenarios.


  1. Login to your Google Apps, Education account.
  2. Select Sites from the menu bar.
  3. Once on the Google Sites page, locate the “Create” button and select it:
  4. Blank template should be selected. In the Name your site: field, type PBLGeneric. Note the site location of your new site will be https://sites.google.com/a/<school domain>/pblgeneric
  5. Under more options, enter Problem-Based Learning and PBL into the Site categories. Enter  “This is a template generated by the Destination: Problem Based Learning (DPBL) grant (NSF DUE# 1161352) for creating PBL scenarios” into the Site description.
  6. Using  as a reference, create the same structure on your Google Sites, Education.

PBLGeneric structure for scenario and tasks

Resource for Google Sites

or attend one of our upcoming conference presentations to connect up with fellow PBLers (or is it PBLarians?)…

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